Take the Park Passenger Ferry

The ferry ride is comfortable, relaxing, and fun. Park ferries leave regularly from several mainland piers. Visitors are encouraged to make reservations for the main Boston ferries.  These ferries are operated by Boston Harbor Cruises.  Restrooms, snacks, and refreshments are available on these ferries.  Smaller connector shuttles serve Lovells, Grape, Bumpkin, Peddocks, and Thompson Islands.  These boats have a restroom, but no snacks or refreshments.  Passengers on these connector shuttles are taken on a first come, first serve basis. 

Plan the trip that’s right for you. First, check to make sure boats are running to your destination: schedules are offered for spring, summer, and fall. (We also offer special winter trips.) Then, make your own itinerary. Or choose one of these . . .

The "Hub" Islands: Georges and Spectacle

These two islands are the most popular in the park. And with good reason! Purchase your Boston Harbor Cruises ferry ticket and get down to Long Wharf-North in downtown Boston 30 minutes early to catch your ferry.

  • Georges Island: Tour the National Historic Landmark, Fort Warren, a 19th-century granite stronghold built to defend Boston. There are free ranger-guided tours and snack-and-beverage amenities.
  • Spectacle Island: Take a swim from a lifeguard-supervised beach. Hike along five miles of trails with spectacular views of the Boston skyline and harbor. A “green” visitors center has a cafe and exhibits.

The Camping Islands

Four rustic islands—Grape, Bumpkin, Peddocks, and Lovells Islands—are favorites for fun day trips and all four offer camping. We recommend visiting no more than two islands in a given day.  When visiting these islands travel direct from Hingham or Hull, or take a connecting ferry from Georges.


  • Go to more about where to find park ferries: Mainland Piers
  • Go to Boston Harbor Cruises to make Boston ferry reservations.
  • Call the ranger line for help in selecting your destination: 617-223-8666

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the islands accessible to people with physical disabilities?

The main ferries serving the islands are accessible to people with disabilities; however, none of the islands currently meet those requirements.  The park is working to rectify this situation.  A few islands can be available to people with disabilities:  Georges Island offers paved and fairly level paths and Spectacle Island has one accessible crushed stone trail.  Although Peddocks Island has accessible paths along Fort Andrews, the smaller interisland connectors do not have adequate access.  Grape, Bumpkin, and Lovells Islands have trails of dirt or grass that are not suitable for people with disabilities.  Please call with specific questions.

How long is the ferry ride?

During the summer season, it takes approximately 20 minutes to travel from Long Wharf North in Boston to Spectacle Island and 40 minutes from Long Wharf North to Georges Island.  During our spring and fall season, it takes either 20 or 45 minutes to arrive at Spectacle depending upon the order of stops at the two islands; check the schedule carefully.  Please consult the schedule for specific times between islands and mainland piers on the Island Connectors serving Hingham, Grape, Bumpkin, Peddocks, Hull, Georges, and Lovells.

How do I get to the Boston Harbor Islands?

Park passenger ferries and shuttle boats bring visitors to the islands from May to October.  Go to By Passenger Ferry for more information.

How can I take public transit to the Boston Harbor Islands?

Long Wharf North in Boston is close to many subway stops on the "T".  The Aquarium stop on the Blue Line is a one minute walk to the Ferry Center.  For those not wishing for subway transfers to go one stop, State on the Orange Line and Haymarket on the Green and Orange Line are a 5-7 minute walk away as well.

The othher Gateways can all be accessed via MBTA Bus routes:  Quincy (#220, 221, or 222); Hingham (#220); Hull (#714), and South Boston EDIC Pier (#SL2)..  Three of the four peninsula areas are near MBTA bus route stops:  Webb Memorial Park (#221); Nut Island (#216); and Deer Island (#712).  Please refer to the MBTA for more details.

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