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    Check out these quick resource tools about exploring the Boston Harbor Islands. Always feel free to Contact us if you have any questions. Check out our new FAQ section!

  • Take The Boston Harbor Island FerryTake The Boston Harbor Island Ferry

    The ferry ride is comfortable, relaxing, and fun. Park ferries leave regularly from several mainland piers. Visitors are encouraged to make reservations for the main Boston ferries.

  • The Boston Harbor Islands

    We have 12 diverse islands and peninsulas ready for exploring and 22 more that form an island wilderness. In all, there are 1,600 acres and 35 miles of undeveloped ocean shoreline on the islands.

  • Boston Harbor Islands Nature and History
    Boston Harbor Islands Nature and History

    The Boston Harbor Islands have an exquisite array of natural ecosystems and a rich and complex history.  Click to learn more about Boston Harbor Nature and History.

  • Boston Harbor Islands Community

    Connect with our Park Community. Share your experiences on Facebook. Check out our Videos and Photos and see all of what the Boston Harbor Islands have to offer.